Parallel Church Kids and Families

We love and believe in the next generation

Loving & Reaching
The Next Generation

Families are such a special part of our mission to live life alongside one another as Christ lives in us.

We are grateful for the opportunity for our team to do life with you and your children as they grow and as they are transformed by the knowledge of Jesus in their hearts and minds. 

Parallel Church meets every Sunday and offers a unique worship experience for everyone from cradle to college.

Our desire is that every child would come to know and love God by learning about Him through His Word, worship and this community of believers in a safe, encouraging and interactive environment.

Sunday Morning

Parallel Church is excited to serve our cradle through college community. See you Sunday!

BABIES | Newborn - Toddler

We welcome all infants to join our family time of worship. However, if you’re in need of a quiet place to nurse, to change your baby, or for your baby to settle, we have a dedicated space for you. The Babies room has a comfy couch and chairs, a changing table, and some soft toys for you to use as needed. A QR code is also provided so that you can join our live service using your device while you take this time with your child.

LITTLES | 2 - 4 years old

The Littles classroom is a warm, fun and welcoming space for our earliest learners. Children in this classroom can be checked in starting at 10:15am. Each Sunday, our Littles and their teachers enjoy a time of play, followed by worship, a short, easy to understand Bible lesson, as well as a snack and activity.

MIDDLES | Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

The Middles classroom is another fun space for our early school aged learners to encounter Jesus. Children in this classroom can be checked in after worship. Each Sunday, our Middles teachers engage our children in play, followed by worship, a short, easy to understand Bible lesson, as well as a snack and activity.

BIG KIDS CHURCH | 3rd - 5th grade

The Big Kids Church classroom is dedicated to our older learners. Each Sunday following worship, children are dismissed to join our teachers to continue in worship and learning, followed by a snack and activity.

TEENS AND TWEENS | 6th grade - 12th grade

Our teens and tweens are invited to join us for the entirety of the main service and meet at our hot chocolate bar area to connect during our welcome time and grab a clipboard with guided material to help engage with the sermon. Teens and Tweens are also welcome to sit with their families or with one of our youth leaders.


If your child has unique needs requiring special attention or supervision, we have “Guardian Angels” who will be happy to partner with you and your child upon request.

Engage Your Children Outside the Classroom

We know that one of the best ways for the lessons learned on a Sunday to sink in for our children is for it to be reinforced at home during the week - perhaps over family dinner or before going to sleep at night. All of our classes use PursueGod Kids curriculum and we invite all families to check out the weekly lessons to learn more about what your kids are doing each week and to engage them at home during the week.

Click the link below to access our weekly video and engagement questions.


Youth Nights Middle and High Schoolers
Monthly on a Friday Night
Pizza, games, and Jesus!
Questions? Contact us at 831-757-3677